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Introductory Lesson

Introductory Lesson

Elementary Course

E. Grammar 1 Beginning

E. Reading 1 Beginning

E. Grammar 2 God Finishes

E. Reading 2 God Finishes

E. Grammar 3 Adam

E. Reading 3 Adam

E. Grammar 4 Eve

E. Reading 4 Eve

E. Grammar 5 Sin

E. Reading 5 Sin

E. Grammar 6 Consequence

E. Reading 6 Consequence

E. Grammar 7 Cain&Abel

E. Reading 7 Cain&Abel

E. Grammar 8 Noah&Flood

E. Reading 8 Noah&Flood

E. Grammar 9 Big Flood

E. Reading 9 Big Flood

E. Grammar 10 Call of Abram

E. Reading 10 Call of Abram

E. Grammar 11 Promised Son

E. Reading 11 Promised Son

E. Grammar 12 Isaac&Rebekah

E. Reading 12 Isaac&Rebekah

E. Grammar 13 Marriage

E. Reading 13 Marriage

E. Grammar 14 Twin Sons

E. Reading 14 Twin Sons

E. Grammar 15 The Blessing

E. Reading 15 The Blessing

E. Grammar 16 Joseph in Egypt

E. Reading 16 Joseph in Egypt

E. Grammar 17 Famine

E. Reading 17 Famine

E. Grammar 18 Moses

E. Reading 18 Moses

E. Grammar 19 Exodus

E. Reading 19 Exodus

E. Grammar 20 Wilderness

E. Reading 20 Wilderness

E. Grammar 21 God's Rules

E. Reading 21 God's Rules

E. Grammar 22 Joshua

E. Reading 22 Joshua

E. Grammar 23 David

E. Reading 23 David

E. Grammar 24 King David

E. Reading 24 King David

E. Grammar 25 King Solomon

E. Reading 25 King Solomon

E. Grammar 26 Elijah

E. Reading 26 Elijah

E. Grammar 27 Isaiah

E. Reading 27 Isaiah

E. Grammar 28 Future

E. Reading 28 Future

E. Grammar 29 The King is Born

E. Reading 29 The King is Born

E. Grammar 30 Jesus is God's Son

E. Reading 30 Jesus is God's Son

E. Grammar 31 Jesus is God

E. Reading 31 Jesus is God

E. Grammar 32 God's Kingdom

E. Reading 32 God's Kingdom

E. Grammar 33 Jesus Teaches

E. Reading 33 Jesus Teaches

E. Grammar 34 King will Suffer

E. Reading 34 King will Suffer

E. Grammar 35 Jesus Is Killed

E. Reading 35 Jesus Is Killed

E. Grammar 36 Alive Again

E. Reading 36 Alive Again

E. Grammar 37 Jesus Begins His Rule

E. Reading 37 Jesus Begins His Rule

E. Grammar 38 The Kingdom Grows

E. Reading 38 The Kingdom Grows

E. Grammar 39 Christianity Spreads

E. Reading 39 Christianity Spreads

Intermediate Course

I. Grammar 1.1 The Noun

I. Reading 1.1 God Creates the Universe

I. Grammar 1.2 The Noun (Continued)

I. Reading 1.2 What is Man

I. Grammar 1.3 The Noun (Continued)

I. Reading 1.3 The First Sin

I. Grammar 1.4 The Pronoun

I. Reading 1.4 Cain and Abel

I. Grammar 1.5 The Pronoun (Continued)

I. Reading 1.5 Noah and the Flood

I. Grammar 1.6 The Adjective

I. Reading 1.6 The Call of Abram

I. Grammar 1.7 The Adjective (Continued)

I. Reading 1.7 God Gives Abraham a Son

I. Grammar 2.1 The Verb

I. Reading 2.1 Isaac and Rebekah

I. Grammar 2.2 Properties of Verbs

I. Reading 2.2 Jacob and Esau

I. Grammar 2.3 Verb Forms

I. Reading 2.3 Joseph in Egypt

I. Grammar 2.4 Verbals

I. Reading 2.4 Moses and the Exodus

I. Grammar 2.5 The Adverb

I. Reading 2.5 Moses in the Wilderness

I. Grammar 2.6 The Adverb (Continued)

I. Reading 2.6 David, the Shepherd King

I. Grammar 2.7 The Preposition

I. Reading 2.7 Isaiah, the Prophet

I. Grammar 3.1 The Conjunction

I. Reading 3.1 The King is Born

I. Grammar 3.2 The Interjection and Punctuation

I. Reading 3.2 The King is God's Son

I. Grammar 3.3 The Sentence

I. Reading 3.3 The King Proves His Authority

I. Grammar 3.4 The Sentence (Continued)

I. Reading 3.4 The King's Teachings About Himself

I. Grammar 3.5 Sentence Patterns

I. Reading 3.5 The King's Teachings About His Kingdom

I. Grammar 3.6 Sentence Patterns (Continued)

I. Reading 3.6 The King Is the Suffering Servant

I. Grammar 3.7 More about Punctuation

I. Reading 3.7 The King Is the Suffering Servant (Continued)

I. Grammar 3.8 Review of the Parts of Speech

I. Reading 3.8 The King Conquers Death

Advanced Course

A. Grammar 1.1 Part A (Comparatives, Concessions, Conditions)

A. Reading 1.1 The King Begins His Rule

A. Grammar 1.2 Part A (Homonyms and Homophones)

A. Reading 1.2 The Kingdom of God Spreads

A. Grammar 1.3 Part A (American Idioms)

A. Reading 1.3 Faith

A. Grammar 1.4 Part A (American Idioms Continued)

A. Reading 1.4 Changing My Heart and Life

A. Grammar 1.5 Part A (More American Idioms)

A. Reading 1.5 What Is Baptism

A. Grammar 1.6 Part A (Negatives, Perfectives, References, Math)

A. Reading 1.6 The Purpose of Baptism

A. Grammar 1.7 Part B

A. Reading 1.7 Power from God

A. Grammar 1.8 Part C

A. Grammar 1.Test Listening Comprehension

A. Grammar 2.1 Sentence Structure

A. Reading 2.1 God in Us

A. Grammar 2.2 Sentence Structure (Continued)

A. Reading 2.2 Crucified with Christ

A. Grammar 2.3 Sentence Structure (Continued)

A. Reading 2.3 Empowered by the Spirit

A. Grammar 2.4 Problems with Nouns

A. Reading 2.4 Spiritual Growth

A. Grammar 2.5 Problems with Pronouns

A. Reading 2.5 Growing Through Bible Study

A. Grammar 2.6 Problems with Adjectives & Adverbs

A. Reading 2.6 Growing Through Prayer

A. Grammar 2.7 Problems with Verbs

A. Reading 2.7 Growing Through Fellowship

A. Grammar 2.8 Problems with Verbals

A. Reading 2.8 Maturity and Fruit-Bearing

A. Grammar 2.9 Prepositions & Conjunctions

A. Reading 2.9 Living for Eternity

A. Grammar 2.Test Structure and Written Expression

A. Grammar 3.1 Part A

A. Reading 3.1 The Kingdom of God

A. Grammar 3.2 Part B

A. Reading 3.2 The Kingdom of God (Continued)

A. Grammar 3.3 Prefixes

A. Reading 3.3 The Body of Christ

A. Grammar 3.4 Prefixes (Continued)

A. Reading 3.4 The Body of Christ (Continued)

A. Grammar 3.5 Prefixes (Continued)

A. Reading 3.5 The Temple of the Holy Spirit

A. Grammar 3.6 Roots

A. Reading 3.6 The Temple of the Holy Spirit (Continued)

A. Grammar 3.7 Roots (Continued)

A. Reading 3.7 A Worshiping Community

A. Grammar 3.8 Suffixes

A. Reading 3.8 A Worshiping Community (Continued)

A. Grammar 3.9 Vocabulary

A. Reading 3.9 The Family of God

A. Grammar 3.10 Vocabulary (Continued)

A. Reading 3.10 The Family of God (Continued)

A. Grammar 3.11 Vocabulary (Continued)

A. Reading 3.11 The Royal Priesthood

A. Grammar 3.12 Writing an Essay

A. Reading 3.12 The Bride of Christ

A. Grammar 3.Test Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

Supplemental: Evidences Course

Evidences 1.1 In Natural Laws

Evidences 1.2 In Astronomy

Evidences 1.3 In Physics and Chemistry

Evidences 1.4 In Biochemistry

Evidences 1.5 In Biology

Evidences 1.6 In the Fossil Record

Evidences 1.7 In Botany

Evidences 1.8 In Anthropology

Evidences 1.9 Relationship with God

Evidences 2.1 Jewish & Roman Historians

Evidences 2.2 Early Christian Documents

Evidences 2.3 Evidence from Archaeology

Evidences 2.4 Documentary Evidence

Evidences 2.5 Eyewitness Testimony

Evidences 2.6 Evidence from Prophecy

Evidences 2.7 Who is this Jesus

Evidences 2.8 Did Christ Die and Rise Again

Evidences 2.9 What Is Your Verdict

Evidences 3.1 Evidence from Christ

Evidences 3.2 Manuscript Evidence

Evidences 3.3 Evidence from Archaeology

Evidences 3.4 Evidence from Archaeology (continued)

Evidences 3.5 Evidence from Science

Evidences 3.6 Evidence from Prophecy

Evidences 3.7 Internal Evidence

Evidences 3.8 Doubters’ Difficulties

Evidences 3.9 Evidence from Changed Lives

Supplemental: The Course on God

God 1.1 Elohim, God of Creation

God 1.2 Yahweh, Eternal Lord

God 1.3 El Elyon, God Most High

God 1.4 Adonai, Master

God 1.5 El Shaddai, God Almighty

God 1.6 Yahweh Yireh, the Lord Who Provides

God 1.7 Yahweh Rophe, the Lord who Heals

God 1.8 Yahweh M'Kaddesh, The Lord Who Sanctifies

God 1.9 Yahweh Shalom, The Lord Is Peace

God 1.10 Yahweh Rohi, The Lord, My Shepherd

God 1.11 Agape, God Is Love

God 1.12 Abba, Father

God 1.13 El Echad, God Is One

God 2.1 Jesus Under Attack

God 2.2 Jesus - Fact or Fiction

God 2.3 Jesus in the Teachings of Paul

God 2.4 Jesus, the Prince of Peace

God 2.5 Jesus, the Perfect Man

God 2.6 Jesus, the Glory of God

God 2.7 Jesus, the Son of Man

God 2.8 Jesus, the Son of God

God 2.9 Jesus, the Wonder Worker

God 2.10 Jesus, the Light of the World

God 2.11 Jesus, the Lamb of God

God 2.12 Jesus, the Risen Lord

God 2.13 Jesus, the King of Kings

God 3.1 The Spirit in the Old Testament

God 3.2 The Spirit in the Old Testament (continued)

God 3.3 The Spirit in the Life of Christ

God 3.4 The Spirit in the Teachings of Christ

God 3.5 The Spirit in Acts

God 3.6 The Spirit in Acts (continued)

God 3.7 The Gift of the Holy Spirit

God 3.8 The Gift of the Spirit (continued)

Supplemental: Living for Jesus

LFJ 1.1: Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

LFJ 1.2: Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

LFJ 1.3: Blessed Are the Meek

LFJ 1.4: Blessed Are the Hungry & Thirsty

LFJ 1.5: Blessed Are the Merciful

LFJ 1.6: Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

LFJ 1.7: Blessed Are the Peacemakers

LFJ 1.8: Blessed Are the Persecuted

LFJ 1.9: You Are the Salt of the Earth

LFJ 1.10: You Are the Light of the World

LFJ 1.11: The Law and the Prophets

LFJ 1.12: Forbidden Anger

LFJ 1.13: Dealing with Lust

LFJ 2.1: Marriage and Divorce

LFJ 2.2: The Problem of Dishonesty

LFJ 2.3: Jesus on Retaliation

LFJ 2.4: "Love Your Enemies"

LFJ 2.5: Beware of Hypocrisy

LFJ 2.6: "When You Give to the Needy"

LFJ 2.7: "When You Pray"

LFJ 2.8: Pray Like This

LFJ 2.9: Our Clash with Culture

LFJ 2.10: Pray for Bread

LFJ 2.11: Pray for Forgiveness

LFJ 2.12: Pray for Protection

LFJ 2.13: When You Fast

LFJ 3.1: True Treasure

LFJ 3.2: 20/20 Vision

LFJ 3.3: God and Money

LFJ 3.4: Why Worry?

LFJ 3.5: The Causes and Cures of Anxiety

LFJ 3.6: A Plank in Your Eye

LFJ 3.7: Dogs, Pigs, and Seekers

LFJ 3.8: A Caring Father

LFJ 3.9: The Golden Rule

LFJ 3.10: The Road Less Traveled

LFJ 3.11: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

LFJ 3.12: The Danger of Self-Deception

LFJ 3.13: Surviving the Storm

Supplemental: How to become a Christian and start a Church of Christ

1.How to become a Christian

2.Establishing the Church of Christ in Your Community

3.The Goals of the Church in Your Community


Elementary Course
(Start January 21, 2018)

Intermediate Course

Advanced Course

Supplemental: Evidences Course

Supplemental: The Course on God

Supplemental: Living for Jesus

Supplemental: How to become a Christian and start a Church of Christ
(End January 15, 2020)

Diploma of Graduation

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